When Boucherie opened, we wrestled with the selfish, tell-or-don’t-tell moral dilemma. We told, as did everyone, and last year it moved to a larger location. Spiffed up the menu a wee bit too—the better to detach from the former locale’s new life as Bourrée, which is crushing it as an amped-up wing and daiquiri shack. The food retains its original sense of playfulness (not so much the rather cramped room), and prices remain solidly affordable for what Chef/Owner (and Chopped alum) Nathaniel Zimet calls “fine dining for the people.” The menu is limited, but most everything has Cajun-inflected, meaty goodness (and dashes of global influences). There’s deeply savory brisket, piled with crispy, Parmesan-sprinkled fries at dinner (too good to share, get an extra side); or rock a po’boy loaf at lunch, topped with fresh horseradish sauce; or the sweet pulled-pork cake piled with tangy, acidic purple slaw or slivers of pickled pear. We wouldn’t ignore the shrimp and grit cake. Oddly, we think the signature house-smoked boudin balls are skippable. Super-sweet Krispy Kreme bread pudding is no longer the hilarious curiosity that it once was; choose the Thai chili chocolate pie instead (or don’t choose—get both).