Excuse us while we wax rhapsodic. Since 1862, iconic Café du Monde has been selling café au lait and beignets (and nothing but) on the edge of Jackson Square. A New Orleans landmark, it’s a must-stop for fried goodness and people-watching, 24 hours a day. A beignet (ben-yay) is a square French doughnut–type object, steaming-hot and covered in powdered sugar. You might be tempted to shake off some of the sugar. Don’t. Trust us. Spoon more on, even (just beware not to inhale as you ingest); at three to an order for under $2.50, they’re a hell of a deal. Wash them down with chicory café au lait (good with extra powdered sugar) or really good hot chocolate. Feeling guilty? The fresh orange juice is excellent, too, and presumably has vitamins. Tip: Don’t wait for a clean table. Just sit—if it's dirty, the surly servers will eventually clear them. Tip #2: The takeout line is around the back. But if the line is long, you're better off just waiting for a table. That line moves much faster.