This newcomer from Top Chef runner-up Nina Compton is named for a folk-hero trickster bunny known in the Southern U.S. as Br'er Rabbit. A St. Lucia native, Compton’s tasty culinary tricks blend Caribbean, French, Italian, and Creole influences into winning dishes—like a deeply flavored, wonderfully textured curried goat done with sweet plantain gnocchi. Juicy, dark roast chicken meat is shredded over corn grits and topped with rich sausage gravy—a substantial plate of awesome. At lunch, her hot fried chicken takes its seasoning cues not from Nashville but from the islands. You can pass a very good time at the commodious bar, observing the open kitchen and enjoying shimmery, beautifully balanced drinks concocted by two of the city’s most respected bar chefs. Munch on jerk-seasoned corn and a plate of pig's ears with heat-spike aioli (crunchy on the outside, softly chewy on the inside—c’mon, try ‘em). The room adds splashes of ocean blue, stellar lighting, and the dotted bunny logo to its cool warehouse bones (huge windows, weathered wood and brick), but suffers on the noise front thanks to those hard surfaces and its shared space with the Old No. 77 Hotel lobby.