The idea of District Donuts. Sliders. Brew sounded so much like it emerged from a 4am brainstorm after a very long frat party that we hesitated to try it. And then we went. Three days in a row. Yep, that happened. The sliders come in cheeseburger, fried chicken, and tofu every day (but it’s a far cry from White Castle and Winchell’s), and three other rotating varieties. Pork belly and oyster show up frequently (which is to your benefit). They’re invariably carefully topped with house-made dressings, slaws, or a balancing bit of greenery—a spicy avocado goat cheese schmear on soft-shell crab. Donuts follow a similar pattern: You can always get a good ol’ glazed, chocolate, or cinnamon sugar, and then the donut heavens open. Fresh-fruit-jelly-filled (pomegranate, muscadine, whatever’s at the farmer’s market), Nutella-drenched, tart lemon ginger, maple bacon Sriracha…Ri.Diculous. Surprisingly, their “Brew” has nothing to do with beer—pardon our misguided frat presumption. (Patrons can grab a beer from the excellent Stein’s liquor store next door.) It’s coffee, pulled from taps. Among the options is a nitrogen cold-brewed version that is nearly as smooth as advertised. So that 3-day bender has started to make sense, right? Go at off-peak times to avoid the lines. Because genius knows no bounds, there’s now an Uptown outpost, District Hand Pie & Coffee Bar with savories and sweetness tucked into a dainty, buttery half-moon crusty. More to love.