Look up “neighborhood joint” in Wikipedia, and there’s a picture of Domilise’s. Okay, there could be. It’s almost a century old, and not much has changed at this cluttered, lowdown po’boy shop tucked deep in the midst of an Uptown neighborhood. We’re grateful. It’s also known for the friendly ladies working the fry-counter, peculiar toppings (ask ‘em to hold the spicy ketchup and yellow mustard—then try ‘em on the side and decide), and planks of roast beef with strangely canned-looking brown gravy ladled from a saucepan. Is it? (No.) No matter, because your hands-down go-to order is the wet-dry-battered, fried-to-order shrimp, piled onto the puffy po’boy loaf. Order your frosty beer separately from the bar counter. Peak lunchtime lines can be long (take a number), and tables are scant.