Seventy-year-old Felix, Acme's friendly rival across the street, has two rooms: the original, a down-home, nuthin’-fancy oyster bar/diner (entrance on Iberville), and a new, spiffier spot around the corner (entrance on Bourbon St.). In both locales the dozens come out fresh and bitterly chilled, needing nothing more than a spritz of lemon. You can also have them in stews, soups, pastas, or omelets broiled, fried, or baked. And if it’s crawfish season, order up a spicy pile. It’s not nearly as much of a scene as Acme (a big plus), and the shuckers have fast hands and quick wit—even, nay especially, Mr. Paul, in his mid-80s and going strong. Tip: If there's a line at the Iberville entrance, check the Bourbon Street entrance. They seat separately.