Galatoire’s regulars have known for years that the seafood specialists grill a mean steak. In 2013, venerable Galatoire’s, dowager queen of the New Orleans restaurant scene for 100+ years, spawned a steakhouse offshoot. The fun starts with starters. We love the high-styled deviled eggs, the burly bone marrow—generous, filthy rich, and a bargain at $8—and the unskimping lobster maison. Six prime cuts, from a single-source ranch that raises the cattle to G33’s exacting specifications, comprise the crux of the menu—and each is done to perfection. The bone-in tenderloin is just a meat marvel. Sauces and sides include many favorites from Big G next door (like Brabant potatoes, with garlic here). It doesn’t have the high-society-playground feel of the original Galatoire’s (give it a few decades), but that actually makes it more approachable for visitors, and the bar here is a good hang.