The raffish Green Goddess may not be the trendier-than-thou phenomenon and critics’ darling that it once was, but that’s just because other restaurants have caught up to its groundbreaking gastronomic globetrotting. So you won’t have to wait 2 hours for one of its alleyway tables, but you’ll still find cocktails and food inspired by Spanish, Indian, Hawaiian, and Middle Eastern cuisines (for starters). The imaginative, vegan- and vegetarian-friendly cuisine is good to very good—ditto for the offbeat atmosphere and fair prices (service, never stellar, hasn’t changed). Top choices include the shrimp-and-pork-belly banh mi; a watermelon and burrata cheese salad; and Father Pat’s grilled cheese, made with Guinness and pear butter. Pair with something from the thoughtful and interesting wine list. Skip the over-lauded bacon sundae and get the sultan’s nest. In fact, if you just come for that dessert and the still-superb cocktails, you’ll be in good stead. Reservations not accepted.