Speaking of food trucks, the gator-painted pickup in front of Jacques-Imo’s actually has a table set up in its bed, where some lucky couple can dine (they’ll have way more space than in the crowded dining room). This funky, colorful spot with the long line (longer in proportion to who’s playing next door at the Maple Leaf) is hugely popular for all that jacked-up fun, not to mention the giant portions and Creole soul-food stylings. Fortunately, the drinks are well made, and as soon as you’re seated you’ll be appeased with righteous cornbread muffins. The signature shrimp and alligator-sausage “cheesecake” (more like a quiche) has fans and detractors (we’re on board); the diamond-hard crunchy fried chicken and less-complicated Creole specialties fare best: blackened redfish with a crab-chili hollandaise is a winner, and the lightly batter-fried softshell-crab “Godzilla” worked. The food may ride a bit on the coattails of the rowdy party atmosphere, and you’ll feel that you’ve earned it after the wait.