Located in the über hip Ace Hotel, the restaurant is not at all too cool for regular people. In fact it’s surprisingly sprawling, high-ceilinged, and bright in a somewhat uncool way (although those dark green velvet booths are very cool). But the Ace bar is where the hipness happens and there’s some spillover, but here it’s about the food. Highlights are the crudo starters – any are recommended; the snapper melts in the mouth. Also get the generous meatball starter, and then do your best to work your way through the pasta selection – the entrees pale in comparison. Standouts include the delicate agnolotti with creamy sweetbreads and rustic wild mushrooms, and the very tasty, very traditional mafalde “with maw maw’s gravy,” which means red gravy, aka marinara sauce. You could also make a meal of the very good veggie sides. Cocktails are fine but not remarkable. Do save room for the delectable peanut butter budino.