You’ve seen the movie. On a ramble through Paris, you stumble into une petite cafe, just 11 tables, with a nutty chef at the helm. You can hear him shouting at someone from behind the kitchen doors; waiters roll their eyes conspiratorially, and shrug. Then Chef Mars appears at your side, flashing a charming smile, saying “Trust me, you’ll like it.” So you do, and you do. The a la carte menu here is just a concession to the three-, four-, and five-course “Feed Me” tasting menus, made to order based on market availability and Chef Mars’ whim. Call it Louisiana omakase. You might get dreamy crawfish beignets in brown beurre, or maybe a cast-iron-bronzed Louisiana swordfish with a shocking drizzle of jalapeño hollandaise. It’s good. It’s fun. It’s good fun. Skip dessert, not wine.