This is a good standby for low-key, non-intimidating Creole dining, and the setting is just right—a historic, two-story building (the former Werlein’s music store, renovated yet again in 2015) with sidewalk seating for good people-watching and a craft cocktail bar upstairs. It comes with the stamp of New Orleans authenticity that Brennan-family ownership conveys, and its oft-practiced multi-server attention. The crabmeat cheesecake appetizer is what makes people pound the table, and it’s truly delish. The Andouille-crusted fish is a winner, and a simple rotisserie chicken with truffle mashed potatoes may be available nationwide, but it’s done well, and more than a few people will be happy to see something familiar. Do pay homage to the white-chocolate bread pudding, which they invented. In fact, weather permitting, we enjoy just desserts at one of those streetside tables. Also the “$5 after 5pm” happy-hour small plates, and the summertime “Temperature Lunch”: two courses priced (in cents) at 10 times the prior day's high temperature.