It’s hard to believe that this corner shop began life as a bakery more than 100 years ago. Or that it was shuttered for years in between then and now. Or that it was essentially under water after Katrina. Now, after getting love from umpteen magazines and travel- and food-channel shows (plus a visit from the Obamas), people literally come by the busload. Try to sit inside or on the original deck, either has more charm than the massive outside picnic area, thrown up to accommodate the popularity surge. But don’t be put off—what matters is that the po’ boys still hold up terrifically. Claims to fame are the fried shrimp and juicy roast beef—our favorite in the city, even if (maybe because) it’s among the sloppiest. We’re fond of the Reuben or lighter caprese, too. The homemade potato salad is killer, and the banana pudding is old skool lip-smacking. Round it all out with a bottled Barq’s and a stroll along nearby Bayou St. John. Oysters are on the menu Monday and Wednesday only and are available with bacon! (Just say yes). The line can be daunting but moves pretty fast (more so with a beer in hand, so hit up the bar), or try for off-peak hours.