Can we just cut to the chase and say that this is a near-perfect bistro? The tucked-away restaurant is chic but inviting; the locally sourced ingredients are bright with freshness; service is practiced; and the menu is French meets modern Southern bistro and shakes hands with Spain. Your head won’t spin round, but you’ll likely enjoy every precisely done option. We sampled an octopus carpaccio made lively with a pepper-and-chorizo citrus vinaigrette, and loved a simple lamb-ribs appetizer—just right with a dollop of marinated eggplant and Creole tomato jam. The grilled hanger steak, in a rich red-wine bone-marrow reduction, is deeply flavored, and local dessert favorites are tweaked in amusing, inviting ways—king-cake bread pudding with Creole cream-cheese ice cream (though the pretzel-crust peanut butter cup gives it a run). All are sweet and worthy. Reserve well in advance during peak periods.