For a decade or two before the great national gourmet burger tsunami overtook New Orleans, Port of Call was putting out a product that drew hordes. That hasn’t changed. This is not a burger for teeny-patty people. It’s a dripping half-pound monster, served with a loaded baked potato. You’re probably going to wait a while for it (get the fruity signature Monsoon cocktail to bide the time), and you probably won’t even be able to see it inside the dark den of a dining room (a good thing since the restaurant has needed a redo for years). They have steaks, but they’re irrelevant. Sometimes you just need a good burger, and even with the serious contenders around town now (if the line is hideous, hightail it to Company Burger on O'Keefe or on Freret St.), Port of Call’s still holds up. No reservations.