Huge picture windows look out on Spanish moss–draped oaks in City Park. Joe Krown’s stylish stride piano seeps from the lounge and across the cream-upholstered dining room. You’re sipping a French 75, eagerly anticipating the turtle soup and brown-butter sweetbread starters, gazing upon the setting sun, glistening rain, or your sweetheart’s baby blues. Whatevs—it’s dreamy here. The fare takes a fresh global approach with a pinch of Creole. A polished version of ya-ka-mein, the local ramen-like hangover cure, is soothing surprise. Roast cobia comes topped with a light hollandaise, faintly redolent of the crawfish fat used deep in the recipe. Shrimp and grits gets a curry and yogurt twist. Desserts are crowd-pleasing: Just say chocolate crème brûlée. The whole experience epitomizes Southern elegance—a vacation within a vacation. It’s easily reachable by cab or the City Park streetcar, and there are usually multi-course specials. Allow time to hear Mr. Krown at happy hour or brunch.