Two food-world icons (John Folse and Rick Tramonto) opened this extravagant spot amid tons of hype, and it nearly lives up to the brash name claim. Taking Creole cuisine in globe-hopping directions keyed to New Orleans’s influences, this is big-league, big-idea, big-ticket dining in a fanciful but refined setting. It’s Event Dining, so save up your paycheck and make it truly memorable. Tour each elegant but disparate room (ask to see the private rooms if they’re available—better yet, book one, or request the stunning Storyville Parlor). Indulge in something marvelous from the wine list, so enormous that only an iPad can contain it. Augment your order with sides, sauces, and toppings—the menu is flush with them. Service can be a bit casual for a restaurant of this caliber and cost, but we’ll take that over snooty. The plating is unconditionally beautiful. A dark pool of “Death by Gumbo,” rich as your surroundings, envelops a baby quail, and it’s terrific. The gently crisped crab beignets, each in a different rémoulade dollop, are also a hit. Terrines, including a lustrous duck liver mousse and a more rugged country pâté, are the best bang. We couldn’t justify the pastas, but the shrimp and grits, with its chili-and-ginger Asian kick, was a favorite; the voluminous, temperature-perfect veal chop burst with flavor. The jewelry box with tiny cookies tucked into its drawers is a nice dessert lagniappe. Other desserts were almost an afterthought following all this excess, but we fell for the “beignets with coffee,” a mocha pot de crème. Reserve well in advance during special events.