This is an above-average sidewalk cafe with indoor and outdoor seating, and some well-done nods to local cuisine. It’s also a good stop for salads—not that easy to find in these parts—and you can design your own here (or just get the mighty good Popeye, with avocado, crab, and grilled shrimp). But enough about healthy things—let’s talk carbs. Biscuits of unusual size, specifically. Large, homemade, and served with pulled pork, or boudin balls, which you should get with a side of sweet potato hash. House-ground burgers and oddly textured but tasty shrimp burgers come on fluffy brioche buns—yummy even if they don’t hold up well. It’s often a wait on weekend mornings, and service isn’t exactly speedy. Open late weekend nights, usually till 2-ish.