This gaggle of clapboard huts painted in a Crayola explosion of Junkanoo colors at the base of a long pier lies beyond the airport near the western end of New Providence island, well removed from the downtown scene or resorts of Cable Beach. Don’t worry; the walls are painted a much more soothing white inside, with hardwood floors and simple furnishings. 
None of the rooms could be described as “large,” but all save the “studio” huts are octagonal, which helps make them feel a bit roomier. The sea-front and sea-view huts—perched along a low seawall above the rocky sands of Love Beach—are worth the $60–$80 upgrade over the cramped little studio’s huts, and the “elevated sea view” huts have an open-air kitchenette and dining patio beneath a lofted, enclosed bedroom. 
The hotel was opened in 1995 by Chris Blackwell, who runs Jamaica’s most exclusive resorts (and founded Island Records, which made stars of Bob Marley and U2—and which explains the surround-sound speakers in the huts).