The Sandyport is a gated community around a lagoon at the west end of Cable Beach. A five-minute stroll (crossing under the coastal road) from the pair of ocean beaches flanking the lagoon’s access canal, at the north end of the development, this string of vaguely Georgian-style pastel buildings along the palm-lined lagoon beach is run as a small-scale resort hotel (and member of the massive RCI timeshare family). 
There are standard hotel doubles with two queen-sized beds; slightly cramped studios with one queen-sized bed, a sitting area, and a small kitchenette; and one-bedroom suites with a master bedroom with a private bathroom and an open Jacuzzi tub by the king-sized bed, a separate large sitting/dining area with a sofa bed, full kitchen, and an extra half-bath. 
Cleverly, each of these types of accommodation is arranged together on each floor of each building so that you can expand that one-bedroom suite into a two- or three-bedroom apartment by opening the communicating doors to the adjacent studio and/or hotel-style room. The best rooms are the one-bedroom suites—not just for their size, but also for the canal views. 
Even though the hotel is small, the fact that is it in this community means you have access to the marina village commercial area as well as other restaurants and services.