Who knew “adaptive re-use” could be this sexy? The only private park on this list (but open to the public), Domino Park sits on a quarter acre of riverside property once owned by the Domino Sugar Refinery. In adapting the land, designer Lisa Switkin (of the firm behind the High Line), protected that landmarked structure, making the hulking factory a spooky centerpiece of the park, and re-using other industrial artifacts found here to wonderful effect. That includes a gantry, basically a massive platform that holds two cranes, painted the same shade of turquoise that once lined the refinery’s walls; it’s now an elevated walkway affording spectacular Manhattan views. In front of it is a playground that looks like a mini- refinery, a volleyball court flanked by old syrup tanks, and a grove of metal corkscrews the height of family Christmas trees (they were once used to stir syrup). Notably, one of the city’s only open-air, riverfront restaurants is here, as is top pizzeria Roberta’s (just outside the park), along with a brewery and an ice cream parlor. If this had been publicly funded, we doubt there’d be this many for-profit eateries here, and it makes the park especially attractive for sunset drinks or dinner.