A surprisingly charming, new-in-2017 attraction, Gulliver’s Gate displays miniature versions of cities, regions, and historic sites around the planet in a block-wide space—a sort of greatest hits of world geography, with many quirks. Some have to do with the attraction’s founding—CEO Eirin Gazat created the first version in Israel, so that small county takes up half a showroom, while massive India gets just the Taj Mahal.  The display also jumps seasons; time periods (Venice’s St. Mark’s Square squishes up against the B.C.-era Colossus of Rhodes, representing Greece); and states of reality, with Gotham’s leading citizen, er, Spiderman, scaling the Brooklyn Bridge. But who cares? It’s delightful to study the highly detailed dioramas, done at a 1:87 scale, as teeny trains zip by, human figurines jump up and down at an outdoor concert, and an itty-bitty Tom Brady jersey blows on a clothesline in “New England”. Also on display: the model makers, who work behind glass crafting new scenarios for the changing areas of the exhibit. The only bummer? The price-tag, which is too high for an attraction you can see in less than an hour.