In 2016, the Metropolitan Museum took over the Whitney Museum’s iconic Marcel Breuer building (abandoned when the Whitney moved to the Meatpacking District), to house its ever-growing 20th- and 21st-century collection, while its own modern wing is being renovated. In doing so, the Met buffed that fortresslike edifice to a fine shine with a multi-million-dollar renovation. Since then it has offered a mixed bag of exhibitions—a few blockbusters, a few duds. Among the hits were “Unfinished,” an intriguing show featuring sculptures and paintings that were never completed, and hugely popular retrospectives of the works of photographer Diane Arbus and painter Kerry James Marshall. But there have also been some snoozers here, like the exhibit of the works of Maine artist Marsden Hartley and Italian sculptor Marisa Merz (Who? Exactly!). My advice: make your decision based on the exhibit calendar and the NY Times reviews (they currently have two unusually astute critics on the museum beat).