You know that moment in Wagner’s Ring Cycle when Brunhilde is awakened by Siegfried after being banished by the king of the gods to sleep forever in a ring of fire until a hero overcomes a lot of obstacles to rescue her? City Opera’s recent history is something like that. After going bankrupt in 2013, and losing its Lincoln Center home, a team of heroes came to the rescue (including famed Broadway director and producer Hal Prince) and brought it back to life. Though City Opera no longer has a “ring of fire” to call its own—the company now produces works in a number of NYC venues—it once again be fulfills its mission to be “the people’s opera,” as it was when it was founded in 1943. That means it will continue to champion American singers (this is the company that gave Beverly Sills her start), it will produce contemporary works (primarily), and most importantly, it will charge less than the Met does for its productions—though prices will vary widely by venue. The trick will be being in town at the right time to see their productions, as there will be (sadly) fewer performances than in the heyday of this great company.