Gotta snark about this “Park”: In a city where separating tourists from their hard-earned cash is a beloved hobby for many, this place may well be the biggest rip-off. Or at least that’s the case with its opening “environment,” an art installation that, according to the website, is meant to “merge different approaches to art, design, and architecture, reimagining everyday surroundings into extraordinary monochromatic concepts”. What does that mean in plain English? Visitors get to explore a 3000-square-foot, all-white space festooned with toilet paper. OK, it’s actually long strips of white cloth (they just look like Charmin). And every once in a while guests stumble upon a game board (with all black pieces, making it impossible to play anything). Or a twirly, bedazzled chair, or a hollowed-out column that people can step into. Oh, and there’s a room with beanbag chairs lit with black light. When I was there, kids were running around playing hide-and-seek in it while their parents were wondering aloud “How can I get my money back?”