I don’t know if I’ve ever fallen in love with a hotel’s smell before (usually, just the opposite happens, thanks to those chemical perfumes some pump into the air). But 1 Hotel smells like a field of herbs, heavy on the dill—it’s delightful, and apropos for this nature-loving hotel with its ivy-bearded façade. The hotel uses sustainable practices throughout, taking a number of steps to moderate its carbon footprint, and all interiors are crafted from reclaimed materials, including the ample guest rooms, which look airlifted from some tech billionaire’s mountain cabin. I’m talking lots of wide, artfully-weathered boards for the floors and walls, a glass box of a shower (drapes can be drawn around it by the modest), a useable desk with lots of outlets, and live plants growing here and there. Oh, and the mattresses are stuffed with hemp (inhale deeply). And you gotta love their “Seedlings” program for kids, which loans sleeping bags and games so youngsters can pretend to  "camp" in the rooms. Best natural touch? Some rooms have corner views of Central Park (it’s a block from the hotel).