How’s this for luxury: They’ll even clean your feet for you at the Andaz in Fifth Avenue. No, there are no handmaidens on call, but in each massive, slate-faced shower has a ledge seat, along with knee-height spigot and bowl, so that you can sit and soak your tootsies at the end of a long day of pavement-pounding. That spigot is one of three shower heads (rainbow above, handheld in the middle) in this swank bathroom. Other sniffy touches include panels on either side of the bed that control every single light in the oversized room, blackout curtains (along with regular ones), wonderfully high ceilings, and a complimentary snack and beverage bar (excluding alcohol), that sits in all-glass cases that look like they were lifted from Saks Fifth Avenue. The pièce de résistance? Splendid views of the Public Library, which is right across the street.