“Our rooms are so small that we try to give guests somewhere else to go,” the check-in clerk admitted when I asked him about the lobby sign announcing poker leagues, trivia nights and wine tastings.  He wasn’t exaggerating: many of the rooms look like they could notch into a small corner of an Ikea showroom floor (some start at just 150-square-feet, including the bathroom). Not that the quality of the furnishings is Ikea level: the room desks may be of the fold-down variety to save space, but are handsome walnut, the bath products are luxe and the beds, wedged into an alcove with floor-to-ceiling window (they look a bit like an art installation, the wooden frame on the walls around them announcing “bed!”), are as fluffy as you’d get at the Plaza. For non-intimate two-somes, there are bunk bed rooms; couples who don’t wish to crawl over one another to get into and out of bed should request a queen room (there’s enough space, JUST, to walk around the beds in those). And as for those heavily used public spaces, they’re downright glamorous, with a rooftop and an inside bar, and lobby areas set up like very well-appointed living rooms.