The Conrad, put short, is a big hotel that feels a bit anonymous, probably because the skyscraper was originally built to be apartments, not a hotel, hence a dearth of common areas and wide-open spaces. You pass through a slip of a lobby to get to one of the (often very slow) elevators, and unless you happen to visit its well-equipped fitness center on the fourth floor, that's about the extent of your interaction with the place. This means your room must deliver as your sanctum, and fortunately, it does: Every luxe unit is a suite (525–550 sq. ft.), with a bedroom with doors, a sitting room with a true table (handy for family meals) and space for a free rollaway bed, and a long bathroom off the bedroom—all in soothing contemporary tones. Views from this 54-floor tower (once operated as The London) are as pleasing as you might imagine, and although all the nearby food choices, including room service, present you with quintessentially overpriced Midtown choices, both Times Square and Radio City can be reached within six minutes on foot, and the many local restaurants of Ninth Avenue are a 10-minute stroll west. If you have Hilton loyalty, here's a smart trick for booking: These suites are usually available at a standard room point redemption rate, meaning you'll get a space that can house a family but only burn the same number of points as you would have for a standard hotel room. It might also keep you from having to rent two rooms at a smaller hotel.