Guests of this New Orleans’ themed hotel never go hungry. In the heart of the neighborhood’s "Restaurant Row", the brownstone holding the hotel is also home to a lively Cajun restaurant; and each "apartment" (really hotel room) comes with a range, a fridge, pans, pots, plates and cutlery. That ability to cook, along with the swell included breakfast, can be a real money saver. I'm also a fan of the home-made charm of the place, as it's obvious that a non-professional, but highly creative, designer furnished the rooms. Every surface that can have a pattern does, and it’s usually a quirky print of a street scene (on the curtains maybe), or a drawing of a meadow with trees (for the couch, perhaps). Each room is different. Somehow it works to create a homey vibe, as do the comfy beds, exposed brick walls and antique furnishings.  Priciest rooms are the two-bedroom apartments that come with a pull-out couch and a spacious terrace; squeeze 6 people into one and the per person rate will drop dramatically.