A decade ago, if you’d told me a new hotel would have the word Gowanus in its name, I would have laughed out loud. Back then, the Gowanus neighborhood was only starting to lose its reputation as a no-go zone. Its canal, a superfund site, was a byword for pollution (it’s now being cleaned) and its streets were iffy after dark. But gentrification has come to this pocket of Brooklyn—big time—and now you’ll find an excellent BBQ joint right across the street from this inn, along with other sterling restaurants nearby. So the neighborhood is a big plus (the subway is right across the street), as are the prices, but don’t expect much in terms of style or space. The design aesthetic is spare: white and black, good beds, no art. Be aware that some rooms can be loud and others have a column that protrudes into the shower space, making it hard to bathe. Ask to move if you get one of these types of rooms.