The very first U.S. hotel from this tech-obsessed Japanese chain opened in October 2021, bringing with it some pretty nifty gadgets and gizmos. The fun starts in the lobby, where a life-sized animatronic dinosaur greets guests with lots of grunting and low roars. Upstairs, going to the bathroom is also an adventure, thanks to Toto interactive toilets that heat up and, um, clean users with jets of water. Those who upgrade to either an executive king room or a suite get both a temperature-controlled mattress and an L.G. Styler closet, which will press your trousers, steam your dresses, and disinfect clothing—all at the push of two or three buttons!

Henn Na Hotel New York

Rooms are large for Gotham and each gets a bathtub—a requirement in Japan. But beyond these perks the place is almost monastically spare in its design: no art adorns the walls, no scent is allowed anywhere (a blessing, I think), and the décor is all monochrome, which some will find restful, others dreary.