West 38th Street between Fifth and Sixth avenues is home to two of New York City's most appealing hotels: The Refinery Hotel and the Archer Hotel. In late summer of 2019, a third was added to the block, and it shares many of the same lures as its neighbors. Expect a hip top-floor bar with close-up Empire State Building views (and a look at One World Trade Center in the distance); a solidly tasty ground-floor restaurant and bar; an "of the moment" design aesthetic; and guest rooms that are quiet thanks to this part of 38th Street being blessedly uncrowded for Midtown Manhattan. Guest rooms are smaller than at the Refinery, but roughly the same size as those at the Archer (at 200 sq. ft./ 18.5 sq. m.), and they feature gleaming hardwood built-ins and furnishings crafted in Italy plus animal-print headboards and chairs for that yeah, I'm here on a business trip, but it's damn sexy business look. The gym in the basement is small, too, but has free weights, an unusual feature in machine-heavy hotel fitness rooms.