Just west of Times Square, on a block that also houses the Majestic Theater and Eugene O’Neill Theater (and the crowds that descend on them eight times a week), the Mayfair Hotel bills itself a "European-style, boutique hotel," which I’ve found to be the code phrase for "Our rooms are very, very small, but they sure do look pretty." That’s certainly the case here, with rooms that are oddly shaped, usually opening onto a tiny alcove area with a doorway to the bathroom, behind which is wedged a full, queen, or king-size bed and a small desk. Pretty comes into the equation with the Wedgwood china–like bedspreads and curtains, white with either baby blue or pink scenes of peasants at play. As with many Theater District hotels, rates rise sharply on the weekends. Penny-pinching couples can rent single rooms to share, but this is only recommended for very loving twosomes (it’s a tight fit). There’s free Internet access, with computers in some rooms.