In many ways, Moxy's "compact-hip" formula reflects the zeitgeist of lodgings in Manhattan (read: rooms in this city, and this hotel, can be sophisticated in design but very small). Here, you get an only-just-big-enough room with all-you-really-need amenities like a shower and a toilet closet. Your sink is also all you have for a countertop, and you only get hangers and pegs for your clothes. Thankfully, like most Moxy hotels, the trim simplicity of the room is offset with public areas that are more fun to linger in—a velvet-rope 35th-floor cocktail aerie called The Fleur Room for spectacular north and south views; down near the tiny lobby, a fun Italian-style restaurant with a pizza oven and an outdoor terrace squeezed behind. But because the hotel has partnered with a popular nightlife operator to fill  spaces, all of those venues are usually so busy that at night the only real peace to be found on site is in your tiny room. That certainly speaks of the buzzy vibe of Midtown life, and having a room as high as the Manhattan skyline is worth the bucks for some people. But the lack of relaxing common areas means when the rate swings north of $325 a night and you only have a small room (starting at 190 sq. ft.) to speak for it, many will likely feel the hotel stops being a value. Still, the location (in the Flower District, not really in Chelsea) makes it easy to walk to pretty much any Manhattan street with two numbers for a name, and especially to Macy's and the Flatiron Building. Tip: Mind the room types if you want the hotel's best views (and they are wonderful): Standard rooms are low and face other buildings, a City View has a high view with a king bed, and a View room also has a view but with two beds.