"Mr. C" was Mr. Giusseppe Cipriani (1900–1980), the Venetian bartender who parlayed a talent for hospitality into a worldwide luxury brand of eponymous restaurants, residences, and event spaces. Ciprianis' ancestors have teamed with another big name in big money (the Howard Hughes Corporation) to create a small chain of hotels that could as easily be called "Mr. B," as they are unswervingly devoted to the needs of business travelers. Hence the location in a converted 1880s warehouse set in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge (the views of that grand structure are tremendous), in the Financial District. Rooms, too, should appeal to high-end worker bees: though they're sometimes oddly shaped or a bit small thanks to restrictions on renovations to the historic building, they have every luxe amenity. That means lots of supple velvet covering chairs and walls, marble tabletops, soothing lighting, plug-laden work areas, the plushest mattresses, and itty bitty bottles of pre-mixed classic cocktails like Manhattans and Old Fashioneds in each room, arrayed alongside top-shelf spirits for those who prefer to mix their own. The lobby contains a medium-sized but well-appointed gym, a backlit bar, and a very elegant Italian restaurant named for the cocktail Mr. C. invented: the Bellini. Final swank perk: A car is on call 24/7 to ferry guests for free to any spot below Houston Street.