When the Jarmulowsky Bank opened on this spot in 1912, the New York Architectural Digest described it’s cathedral-like central space (see below) as a "shrine to American Capitalism". That description certainly applies  today. Not only is the lobby of this reclaimed historic building/hotel one of the most majestic spaces in Manhattan, but every element of this lodging is curated to a T for its well-heeled guests. State-of-the-art sound systems are built into the walls of each room, which guests can easily loop into from their own devices. But if they don’t know which melody will suit the mood, they can tune into one of the hotels four private “radio” stations, spun by DJ Stretch Armstrong, who has a talent for finding music that’s soothing but never dull. There’s an art curator who placed individual works in each room, and a design team that meticulously crafted new furniture using vintage methods and shapes, with rich, nubby fabrics adding a pop of modernity. Somehow the effect in the guest rooms is of a classic Edward Hopper painting, but for happy people, rather than ones filled with existential dread. 

Lobby at Nine Orchard Street Hotel

Star chef Ignacio Matteo is in charge of the tongue pampering, which means that food and drink (in the hotel’s two bars and two restaurants) is startlingly pricey, but top notch.  If you have the funds, this new-in-2022 hotel, set in the Lower East Side’s most happening nightlife and dining area, will be an exciting place to stay.