The most exciting thing about this hotel is that it's located right across the street from the C.G. Jung Institute. So if you have oddball dreams while sleeping here, someone in the vicinity will be hugely interested in interpreting them.

Pestana Park Avenue

Other than that, the Pestana, part of a Portuguese chain, is quite pleasant and friendly. Rooms won't win any design awards, but they make smart use of small dimensions (187 square feet). You'll find hooks and a few hangers on a rod instead of a full-blown closet, a queen bed instead of a king, a banquette against a wall for seating, and storage space under the bed for luggage.


Decor is vaguely European with a conservative tan, taupe, white, and navy color scheme. Pretty throw blankets on the beds don't look mass-produced, even if they probably are.

(Standard guest room)

Health-conscious guests should know that while the hotel doesn't have a fitness room, it does offer free passes to the full-service Blink Fitness nearby. It's much better equipped than most hotel gyms anyway. Breakfast at the Pestana is "grab-and-go" in a room off the lobby. Among the items you can grab: pastries and a few hot choices, usually for an extra amount.


One more note: Despite the name, the hotel is not located on Park Avenue. That's actually a blessing—instead of having to deal with the traffic on a busy thoroughfare, you'll be on a much quieter side street.