The lobby here is the sexiest in midtown and the rooms among the oddest. But let’s start with the plusses: a purple-lit pool is the centerpiece of the ground floor, and right off it is a bar, so that drinkers can watch their compatriots frolic and those in the pool can swim up for a tipple. It’s a fun party scene most nights. (The hotel also features a steam room, sauna, small gym, and free continental breakfast.) Now, ahem, onto the rooms, which have some problems. First off, those too near the pool/bar area can be noisy; and while the configuration of the rooms is very different from one to the next, a large number of them mount the beds on high, often wide platforms, requiring the agility of a gymnast to climb into for the night. That being said, many of the rooms are just fine, and some feature multiple beds and bunk beds, perfect for families. In short: This is a good choice for party people and folks who want to be right off Times Square.