Very few hotels actually deserve the honor, but in this case the hotel’s not only “grand,” it’s grand in a wonderfully “New York” way. You enter from one of the chicest streets in the city (West Broadway) to a space that’s at once post-industrial (lots of exposed brick) and utterly magnificent, with soaring ceilings, massive drapes, and gargantuan stuffed peacocks that hang in gilded cages over the lounge. Silly, but it works. Rooms (which start at a decent-for-NYC 230 square feet), have a subtle “50 Shades of Gray” vibe to them, thanks to the leather backboards and silky linens on the beds contrasted with the hard edges of the brass tables. If you’re looking for a sexy weekend getaway, you’ve found your hq. Don’t book through the hotel, though; you’ll get better prices through,, or the app HotelTonight (and I get that bit of intel directly from one of the front desk clerks).