This intimate, European-feeling hotel is a swell downtown pick…for half the year. During the slow months, when its nightly rate is in the upper $200’s its charms shine forth. The staff is made up entirely of mensches (a Yiddish word meaning “really nice guys”), folks who remember each guest’s name, offer spot-on advice and treat every customer like a VIP. It’s location, on a quiet street in the heart of Soho, is primo. The little dining room has a Parisian vibe, and serves only the swankest of treats—fine smoked fish, to-order eggs, pastries from fab Balthazar bakery—for the included breakfast.  Built around an enclosed courtyard, the hotel’s rooms are blissfully quiet, many boasting high ceilings and the quirky, original works of art, part of the owners’ collection, that grace the hotel’s public spaces. But when high season arrives and the Broome has the temerity to charge in the $500’s for a nights’ stay, well, that’s when travelers start to notice that the furnishings are pretty minimal, as is the amount of space in many of the rooms. And that the types of amenities that usually come with this steep of a price-tag—room service, an on-site fitness room, a bar and/or restaurant—aren’t part of the package at the Broome. Which is all a long way of saying: if the price is right, the stay will feel right, too. If not, well, sweep this option the Broome under the proverbial rug.