The ultra-rich—whether they be rich in cash or in Marriott reward points—apparently are a scatterbrained lot. Or so one would think seeing the amenities that the Edition has seen fit to stock the mini-bar area with. Along with the usual little bottles and snacks are a pair of very good quality, one-size-fits-all thongs. You know, just in case you, er, forget your panties somewhere. And that could happen in this ultra-sexy hotel, I suppose, the latest from Studio 54 impresario Ian Schrager. The sensuality isn’t overt—no red walls or lamps here, in fact the room décor is strictly neutrals (lots of light oak in the rooms). But then you look up at the 14-foot ceiling with their ocean-like waves, down at the bed with its faux fur throw, and out the windows at the spectacular views (this is one of the tallest hotels in the city) and it’s clear that this is a place for adult romance. Especially if you start your evening at the “gold bar” (so called because it’s coated in 24-karat gold leaf), followed by dinner in the landmarked, mahogany-walled dining hall, once the boardroom for the Metropolitan Life Insurance. It’s that company that built this 1909 beaut overlooking Madison Square park, its shape meant to evoke Venice’s famed campanile (bell tower). As I implied at the start, you can use points here to lessen the sting of the nightly rate.