Imagine if Gustave Klimt and Edward Gorey were to collaborate on the design of a hotel, and you’ll have a good sense of the whimsical elegance of the NoMad. (It was actually designed by Jacques Garcia, a well-known Parisian architect.) Klimt-like touches abound in the lobby, with its elaborate painted panels and movie-set–like spaces (such as the two-story library that serves as an anteroom to the bar and the wondrous, massive skylight that hovers over the dining room). Gorey’s territory, the guest rooms, look like a humorous, if elegant, take on an English nobleman’s abode. Huge fabric faux-dressing screens serve as the barrier between bedroom and bathroom; a dozen paintings hang, gallery-style, on the white walls; and fine pieces of wooden furniture are paired (in some rooms) with a free-standing, old-fashioned bathtubs that sit right in front of the large windows! Some tips: Be sure to ask for a room on the second or third floor, as the ceilings are highest there. And eat in one night: Room service is from the NoMad Restaurant, one of the finest restaurants in town.