What a piece of eye-candy this place is! Opened in 2014 in a (you guessed it) converted paper factory, rooms here look like film sets—an illusion enhanced by the use of actual movie lights (massive round ones) as lamps. The ceilings are soaring, the furniture like something you’d see at a design museum (desks inlaid with thousands of rectangles of different colored woods; old-fashioned steamer trunks out of which flatscreen TVs rise at the touch of a button; and in some rooms, retro stoves in bright colors and curvaceous shapes). I like the guest rooms on the fifth level best, as the floors are wood rather than concrete, but even in the concrete rooms, handsome area rugs cover the floors. In the lobby is a fab restaurant; the subway is half a block away, and in two stops you’re in Manhattan. As for the prices, they’re less than what you’d pay for a hotel of comparable quality in Manhattan (if high for Queens).