Everything is as you would expect it to be at the glamorous, glorious Plaza Hotel. Rooms are simply dripping with gold leaf, crystal chandeliers, and crown molding. The furnishings are French Empire, including pieces with fine inlaid woods. And though half the building is now private apartments, the Fairmont Chain has taken over the other half and is keeping standards high. A new, state-of-the-art gym was installed in the basement in early 2013; and a spa inhabits the 4th floor. And in some ways, the Plaza is more fun than ever, thanks to a wonderfully gourmet food court/restaurant in the basement which co-exists alongside the classic Palm Court (still the best place in New York to go for high tea).

Some tips: Only eight rooms now have a Central Park view in the hotel (those went to the apartment units), so ask if having that is important to you. As well, Fairmont loyalty members get free Wi-Fi, so join the club (also free), before checking in. Is there a more ideal place for a honeymoon? I can’t think of many.