A wall of very polite graffiti greets visitors as they walk into the lobby here. It sets the tone: this is a businessman’s hotel (it’s right off office-building heavy Park Avenue) that wants to have edge…without being too edgy. So the walls in the on-site restaurant’s bathroom are chalkboards with messages scrolled across them….but no chalk is supplied to diners. And the guestrooms have an of-the-moment visual appeal, with bulbous contemporary chandeliers over the leather-backed beds, a nifty rendering of the NYC skyline on the window blinds, and a wall of open cabinetry, the shelves laden with art supplies (drawing paper, sketching pencils, origami kits and wooden artists’ mannequins). There’s a reason for those artsy items: the building was once a collection of artists studios favored by such big-names as John Steinbeck, Thomas Mann, and F. Scott Fitzgerald. The hotel doesn’t look like it, but it’s a Hilton franchise, meaning points can be used (a big plus).