A solid citizen with a dash of whimsy—that’s how I’d describe this custom-built (in 2010) glass tower. Just as the owners chose a very common name, and then tried to make it hip by substituting a “y” for the usual “I”, so the designers played with the usual formula for a Manhattan luxury property, goosing it just a hair. So yes, there are the de rigeur snow- white duvets on top of the high quality pillow-top mattress, an I-pod docking stations on the side table and rainfall shower in the chic gray-tiled bathroom. But there’s also modern bric-a-brac here and there (love the robot collection behind the check-in desk) and bold dashes of color in the art and some of the furnishings. Rooms are far bigger than the standard, too, and boast floor-to-ceiling windows from the third floor up. Interestingly, this is partially an apartment building (from the 9th floor up), so you might meet a real New Yorker or two in the elevator.