Know the tiny house craze? New York City hotel developers have long been gaga for tiny hotel rooms, and this Tribeca property, opened in December 2019, is no exception. These are not the smallest rooms I've seen, but they sure come close, with some starting at just 130 square feet. What that means is couples need to have one member talented in acrobatics. The beds are walled in on three sides, you see, so a 2am bathroom break will require an athletic clamber over the sleeper next to you.

Bedroom at hotel

(One of the larger bedrooms at the Walker Hotel Tribeca)

Of course, that's assuming your sleep will be broken, and that may be unlikely here. Though the rooms are ridiculously small, they do have what the hotel's website terms "streamlined modern conveniences," including—along with oversized smart TVs and headboard panels to control everything controllable in the room—stunningly well-designed mattresses. They're from the Bear brand, which has been recommended by a number of reliable publications as the best mattress for back pain and the best mattress for athletes. A soft layer on top, a firm underlayer, and cooling gel technology all combine to create a highly snooze-worthy experience.

The hotel's small onsite gym also trades in whiz-bang tech—in this case, wood-clad NOHrD exercise machines. The lobby, meanwhile, is living room–esque in the nicest way possible, with a Blue Bottle Coffee outlet, a bar, squashy couches, a David Weeks chandelier, and lots of wood. So how much time will you want to spend in your microscopic room anyway?