Once this set of conjoined brownstones was a place where middle-aged finance types came to sip scotch with old buddies and perhaps bunk down for the night. Today, what was the former club for the alums of Williams College is now a hotel open to anyone, but the clientele doesn’t seem to have shifted all that much. This is still a place for corporate bigwigs to meet and sleep, though today they do it in rooms that would have shocked the custodians of the fusty old club, as they’re awash in Crayola hues (one color scheme for each room, and it sweeps across the walls, soft goods, and even the TV screen when it’s off), and bedding so plush you could lose a 401K in it. Not to say these aren’t dignified digs—with the exception of the banana-yellow rooms (oy!), they are. And some come with complete kitchens, perfect for long stays. The hotel came to life in 2014, and seemed to be still working out some service kinks when I last visited. But I have no doubt all will be in place by the time you read this.