“Airport” is the theme at this ultra-modern hotel, appropriate since Yotel was first developed in the airports of Europe as a way to give weary travelers a place to rest between flights in small, but serviceable “cabins.” Rooms are still called “cabins” and they’re still teeny-tiny (170 square feet for the smallest ones), but so well designed they actually feel spacious (floor-to-ceiling windows helps with that illusion). When you enter, your bed is pulled up into couch shape; push a button when you want to sleep and, like a larger version of a business class seat, it unfolds to accommodate you. The street level is staffed by a “ground crew” who help guests self-check in at kiosks (hmm, where did they get that idea?). And like some more upscale airports today, the on-site restaurant is helmed by a celebrity chef (Richard Sandoval of Pampano, see p.



), there’s a gym on-site, and even a large outdoor-terrace with bar. Families: Check out the bunk-bed rooms.